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Have you or anyone you know received this email?


“You have get a Tax Refund on your Visa or MasterCard.

Complete the formular, and get your Tax Refund.


(Your Refund Amount Is $376.05)


Complete Formular (link removed)



Copyright © 2013 – Canada Revenue Agency Service. All rights reserved.”



Unfortunately, many individuals have fallen prey to this email, claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency. This is our warning to you: This message is in no ways affiliated with the Canada Revenue Agency and will not assist you in receiving a tax refund of $376.05. More likely, personal information will be stolen through phishing (the act of attempting to acquire confidential information through fraudulent means, masquerading as someone trustworthy). Always be on guard for internet predators by updating your antivirus software regularly, and consistently be skeptical of “companies” and “entities” asking for personal data.

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